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Simply leave the app running during your meeting, and if you hear something interesting or important, hit a button; InstaNote captures and transcribes the last 30 seconds of audio, and allowing you to tag and categorize each clip for easy reference later.

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Notes can be associated with contacts, used to create tasks, or shared through email. Spend less time scribbling away, and more time actually paying attention during meetings. VLC arrives on Windows Phone, offering users a free, easy-to-use, multimedia player that's designed to play almost any format you can throw at it, just like its desktop sibling.

Adobe Photoshop Express is a great entry level photo editing tool for basic photo cleanup and manipulation. The app includes basic tools such as cropping, straightening, rotating and red-eye removal.

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It also offers sliders and one-touch tools for cleaning up noise, sharpness, color and exposure. One-touch effects called "Looks" provide more aggressive filter-type effects, with the app offering a basic set, making even more available as in-app purchases. Pocket Casts has long earned a place in our list of best mobile podcatchers , and now it's made its way to Windows Phone, a perfect fit for the app's clean, tile-based display of podcasts.

Pocket Casts for Windows Phone features cross-platform synching, automatic episode downloading and configurable playback controls for setting skip durations, starting points for episode playback and variable playback speed. In addition to listening to your favorite podcasts, Pocket Casts features discovery tools including curated lists of podcasts and a library of more than , podcasts to check out. The ESPN app delivers the latest and greatest sporting news and up-to-date scoring information right to the palm of your hand. The app also features articles and video highlights.

A Favorite Teams and Clubhouses feature allows you to get more focused news and scores for specific teams and leagues.

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Remarkably easy setup, automatic syncing with your phone's contacts and a feature-rich, ad-free experience all combine to make WhatsApp a wildly popular mobile messaging app. Users can send text, photos, voice and short video messages to their WhatsApp contacts, even across the mobile OS divide.

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The long-promised calling feature still hasn't made it over to the Windows Phone version, but it's still a solid, easy-to-use messaging app. Read-it-later service Pocket has yet to officially make its way to Windows Phone, but you can still enjoy your Pocket library with the help of the Poki app, a Windows Phone library for Pocket. Poki allows users to save articles, videos and other content for offline viewing or through another device with Pocket installed. Poki sports a clean interface with multiple app and reading mode themes, and automatically syncs with your Pocket account.

Weather Flow features weekly and hourly forecasts, and lets you track multiple locations.

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The app and its Live Tiles can be displayed in a high graphics style complete with numerous photographs, or you can go for the more austere Modern look of flat colors and high-visibility text for ease of reading. In addition to the Live Tiles, users can also display forecast information straight to their lock screen. Microsoft's response to Google Translate, Bing Translator is an easy-to-use and feature-filled translation app that works well when you're on the go with a smartphone.

Translator supports text translation from more than 40 different languages, with support for camera-assisted translations, letting you take pictures of menus and signs. A text-to-speech function lets you play out translations, and offline translations let you download language packs.

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The app itself is bright and cheerful and easy to follow, and you can tailor the programme to suit your individual needs. Simple as that. Afterwards you ca plot your data on neat little graphs. The interface is a little busier than Runtastics, but users love it, and you can export your stats in a variety of file formats, making sharing and analysing all that bit more comprehensive. No runner should be without it.

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And the ER-esque readings charts look stupendously medical! Skip to Content Skip to Footer.

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Here we all are, tapping and swiping our lives away, while better folk sprint up mountains and bench press their own kitchen tables. Fitbit Tracker Fitbits are wireless gadgets that track your activity, and the unofficial Windows Phone app links to your account to track your profile on the go. Online, iOS 7. A puzzle game where you progress moving yourself in real life. This social sports app gives you the chance to work on your exercising and share your progress with the world. Walk in the real world to walk in the game world. Every step counts. They are focused on making GPS-location based outdoor adventure games.

Dancing game where player must copy the dance moves to get points. Jungle Race A game, which can be played outdoors by collecting the imaginary fruit.